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Memory Match

Memory Match was developed based on a step by step memory development model. By slowly increasing the level of difficulty, both adults and children will find their ability to recall and locate objects increase.

Initially, the game displays everyday common objects, with which a student should be familiar. The objects are very different from one another in color, shape, and type. As the student progress through the 11 challenging levels, the objects on the cards begin to get more similar to one another, and also more abstract.

By starting out simply, and slowly increasing the level of difficulty, this game offers a perfect memory skill development tool for children and adults, from very young, on up.

Students should be encouraged to work their way through all 11 levels, where developmentally appropriate. Younger children should stop as soon as the images change from animations to abstract symbols and shapes.

Students should repeat this memory activity on a regular schedule, in conjunction with the other memory activities found on this website, until they are able to quickly find all objects in as few of clicks as possible.

It is not uncommon for students to make very large gains in one session. However, in order to give the brain time to adequately learn how to remember, it is important that students repeat the activity several times.

Once adequate memory skills are achieved, it is recommended that students return occasionally for a refresher / tune-up game. This will help insure that students retain the memory skills they have learned. This is especially important during breaks, such as spring break, christmas break, and summer break.