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Memory Face Off

Memory Face Off is a challenging and fun way to practice memory of sequences.

Why is memory of sequences important?

Often remembering a sequence of instructions, or directives can be challenging. Does your child or student follow the first two or three directions, but forget to follow through with the entire sequence?

This important ability can be learned. Students should practice until they achieve mastery. Mastery is achieved when a student is able to reach their target level of red filled ovals five times in a row. A student’s target number of ovals is determined by multiplying their age by 1.6, and rounding to the nearest whole number. (Age X 1.6) If a student’s age is 6 years old, their target number of ovals would be calculated by multiplying 6 by 1.6 yielding a total of 9.6. This would then be rounded up to 10. This child would achieve mastery of this activity when they are able to complete 10 or more full red ovals five times in a row.


Have the student watch as a white frame is displayed around a random image. Instruct the student that they should click on the image that was highlighted. Next watch as the same image is highlighted, followed by another image. Instruct the student that they should click on the images in the same order. Each time the student completes the sequence successfully, another red oval is filled in. If the student is incorrect, the ovals in the “Your Score” column are reset.