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KidsMemory.com will be joining the Education.com family!

We're so excited to continue to grow and support the parents and teachers championing children's education.
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KidsKnowIt Network is now part of Education.com!

Our mission is to provide children around the world with an absolutely free educational resource. A way to learn, while also having fun. We believe that the best resources should not be reserved for those who can afford them, but should be made available to everyone, everywhere, without cost. Using the power of the Internet, this goal is possible.

Our mission is to create fun and interactive learning modules that can be utilized by teachers, parents, and home schoolers to enhance their learning environments, and increase the interest and attentiveness of their learners.

We believe that educating our populations is the single greatest way to achieve the other lofty goals of mankind, and that every resource at our disposal aught to be used to this end. We believe that the great worldwide problems and calamities can all be solved through the power of education.

Thus our mission is to reach every child, in every corner of the globe, and provide them with free educational resources.