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KidsMemory.com will be joining the Education.com family!

We're so excited to continue to grow and support the parents and teachers championing children's education.
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KidsKnowIt Network is now part of Education.com!

About The Kids Know It Network


From its humble beginnings as an elementary school teacher’s classroom website, on through the present, the KidsKnowIt Network has always had one goal, and that is to make learning free. Founded in 1998 in order to provide students with a fun and educational way to spend their free time, a teacher’s classroom project has grown into a worldwide platform attracting several million visitors every single month.

Every website developed is painstakingly researched for accuracy and appropriateness. This process begins with the planning and development of materials, activities, and articles by parents and educators, and ends with the final editing and approval of experts in the field being explored.

Please come along with us, and enjoy exploring our universe.